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1) an atom of argon 37Ar is ionised by the removal of two orbiting
electrons what is the charge of this ion

1b)calculate the percentage of the total mass of this ion that is accounted for by the mass of its electrons

2)calculate the ration charge/mass in C/kg for the 236 U nucleus
3)in the radioactive decay of a nucleus, a beta plus particle is emitted followed by a y photon of wavelength 8.30 x 10^-13 m
.state the mass in kg of the beta plus particle
.calckate the energy of the photon

4)calculate the minimum amount of energy in j released as radiation energy which a particle of the rest energy of 0.51 MeV meets its corresponding antiparticle

5)an antiparticle and a particle collide with same speed to produce subatomic particles. the total kinetic energy of the two subatomic particles just before the collision is 3.2 x 10^-10 J state why the total energy after the collision is more than 3.2 x 10^-10
5b)in a second collision the kinetic energy was greater than 3.2 x 10^-10 state two possible differences this could make to the subatomic particles produced

6)e- + p > n + Ve
name the fudamental force resonsiible for this interaction

7)give an example of an exchange particle other than w+ or - particle

sorry that theres so many questions
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(Original post by imgoonafailife)
1) an atom of argon 37Ar is ionised by the removal of two orbiting etc etc etc

sorry that theres so many questions
Try snipping this into digestable lumps, attempt to at least start the question, show where you get stuck, and _then_ ask for help if you want to get any useful responses. This just looks like a mass homework dump.
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