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I have an underbite thats being corrected with just braces alone because they wanted to avoid surgery. Basically my upper teeth have been pulled forward as far as they can and my bottom teeth pulled back. However since it's just my teeth I still have an underbite appearance because my jaws havent actually been moved which makes me so self-conscious and theres nothing I can do to change it. I decided not to go to uni this year and took a gap year because I couldn't cope with new people judging me on the way my jaw looks. Does anyone else suffer with an underbite and how do you deal with the way that you look because of it?
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Hi, I'm 15 and have an underbite as well, I get how you feel. My orthodontist recommended surgery to me as that would give me the best results. I know I'm still young but personally although my underbite is my biggest insecurity it also allows me to almost filter through people. I only attract people who will like me for who I am on the inside, I find myself very ugly but surprisingly I've been asked out a couple of times since I started high school. Honestly, if your teeth aren't visibly showing your underbite it probably isn't recognizable to a normal person. I've been struggling with self-image lately but I know one day my underbite will be fixed. I do get made fun of because of it but at the end of the day, I'm the one telling myself I'm ugly. The thing is people are so focused on their own life and school or work that they won't notice a slightly overgrown lower jaw. Like if they have the time to say anything about it they clearly aren't in a good place. Sure one out of 10000 people will notice but you have to remember those people are just going through something and are taking it out on you. Like early this year a guy in my grade kept commenting on my chin and it hurt honestly but then I found out that his dad had left when he was super young and I just feel sorry for him now. Good things are coming your way especially if you have gotten into uni. I feel like if you grow up with a feature society sees as ugly your more modest and overall just a better person. You are beautiful and no one can say differently.

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