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I want to go between two routes of being a police officer or a teacher for earlier childhood/primary school.

They are both very different yet similar job choices. One is to protect the public and the other is the develop the younger generations yet all in all it all ties in with helping citizens live a better life in their own ways.

I had originally wanted to do childcare level 3 BTEC, however I had a friend lead me to thinking that it wouldn't be that useful. So then that had left me stumped on what course to take.

I had a friend suggest public services BTEC to me out of the blue and I ended up taking that up instead. Being part of the police cadets heavily influenced this choice.

Currently in my second year and nearly gonna start doing my UCAS. I Iidn't think I'd ever want to go Uni but then I had a think about things. I know that being a police officer is not what I'd want to do my entire life and I would eventually move onto another career path, that obviously being teaching.

I've had it mapped out for policing that I would start off as a special constable for a few years then upgrade to PC. I'm pretty much not too fussed about actively pursuing to climb the ranks. This has been a long standing thought for a while and I can have some fine tunings done with staff from my police cadets. Because of this I didn't want to go Uni at all since I know the possible routes to get in without initially having a degree.

On the flip side I had a more recent thought that I will end up doing Uni cus I want to do teaching. And just this month, I've been thinking should i just skip the policing biz completely. Do a primary education degree and go from there.

I really feel conflicted about this and I'm wondering what are the drawbacks and benefits that I may be unaware of so I need some help before I come to a final decision.
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I'd just look at the salary of each one and pick the highest paying one
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Personally as someone older, and a bit more experienced, having gone through the uni stage, and in the workplace, I would personally do the Police thing first, purely because it will give you plenty or experiences, skills, you can climb the ladder, and it will make you a more rounded person.

You can always go to uni at a more mature stage in your life, where been a teacher would be more beneficial with life experience.

You could also get some experience volunteering while working in the Police. As you progress to higher levels, you can probably take more time off, accrue more benefits, and the salary and progression within the Police is not something to be grumbled at - at all.

An old colleague of mine, his Dad worked in the Police, and was very high up, needless to say they never struggled, but he'd been with the force for about 30 yrs.

Nothing is going to change re uni and stuff, you can always go in the future.

My biggest mistake was going to uni quickly after I left college, didn't work out, ended up dropping out, re-enrolled following year, got my degree, but it has been practically useless in the job I'm in now.

My advice, go for the Police, or either take some time out of education, and gain some life experience, this will undoubtedly benefit you further down the line as a Teacher.

Hope this helps - from a twentysomething graduate with bags of life experience.

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