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Just want people’s advice on how to get rid of erections when they come on at really inappropriate times or how to completely avoid getting them at inappropriate times in the first place?

For context I am a student and am not currently overly sexually active but I have recently taken up swimming and football, plus go to the gym often and keep finding myself getting unwanted erections at annoying times like getting changed/team showers or getting in and out of the pool. I am a straight guy but can happen in the presence of either gender, but why does this keep happening and is it normal? Could it be that because I am not overly sexually active atm that even part-nudity is subconsciously causing erections? It is really frustrating and embarrassing trying to hide it so want to know is there a way I can stop it happening at inappropriate times or something I can take to help whether it be prescribed or from a pharmacy? Alternatively should I go to a sexual health clinic? What are my options? Really is starting to get to me and my enjoyment of sport, I seem to be the only person with this problem and I am through puberty now so would’ve thought I’m through all that now. I’ve seen on forums people say to take your mind off it but when it’s there and you have to try your best to hide it it is very difficult to do so.

Thank you for your advice and sensible answers only please, don’t need my self confidence eaten away any more than it currently is being )
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This is a common challenge for young men.

Showing involuntary arousal in non-sexual context is not a medical issue and is just something that happens to healthy men and women. There are no drugs available for this (although I'm sure someone will sell you rat poison on the internet a claim that it will help).

The only medical issue is a psychological one if you react badly to it - if it's impacting your confidence then you do want to address how you react to this.

Stripping off in the changing rooms and the sight of any skin will do. It doesn't mean anything other than you're a young virile guy - it's absolutely normal. (You're mind associates nudity with sex - so your body responds - it doesn't reflect on your sexuality it's just that your body wants and is ready for sex.)

If I were you I'd try masturbating more to see if that relieves your body's demands.

Don't let it affect your confidence or enjoyment of sport.

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