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Hey! so I need some guidance from previous a level students who did these subjects with how i'm supposed to revise, what i am supposed to do at this stage of year 12 and other little bits of wisdom that you wish you could tell your year 12 self! I literally do not know what i am doing and i just feel like there's more that i can do. thanks!
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This totally depends on the type of student and person you are. At the start of year 12 mostly just focus on getting homework done on time this is the most important thing, getting behind now will snowball into the next year of study backlogged work will have to be done to develop understanding especially with the new reformed A levels. Revision at this time is not too important, just make sure notes and work in class is readable and maybe a month or so after you have done a topic make sure to go to and do some questions on the topic. But again depends on how well you as a student want to do. If your school does As examinations then the best idea is to aim above 75% at the end of the day its topic dependent, Chemistry is always the hardest to get the A in due to the fact you need so many marks so you have to make sure you drop as little as possible. As well as this making sure you have the basic understanding of the topic will be to your advantage. I was a year 12 last year (Just entered year 13) and felt that the teachers at my school put to much pressure on me as a student to revise they recommend 5 hours additional time on each subject outside of lessons and this includes homework and revision. I personally did little to no revision apart from what was set as homework on Seneca (Also useful and free for As information not so good for A2) and I came out of my As levels pretty strong 3As and an A in my history mock exam which my school doesn't offer an As (Gonna flex here strongest in the school), so it really depends on the type of student if you have a good memory and understand concepts easily it can be easy to get high marks on exams. If your typically the student that does the best in the class but only uses half the time or 1/4 then this most likely applies to you, but do not worry too much about what you're doing.
FYI the advice I'm giving you is what most students should have done I personally didn't but the outlined plan will definitely see improvements in your grades.

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