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This has been one of the worst arduous tasks I have ever gone through to no avail. Makes me actually wonder why I bothered to put any effort in. These people see the world in black and whiTe and fail to recognise the varying families and households in the 21st century. They were unable to process my means tested loan like 4 times every single time they ask me for something else like tf do I look like. I live with my grandmother and have been for over 5 yrs big apparently she doesn’t qualify as a sponsor. Then I had to provide my mothers details despite her only recently reappearing in my life and not my guardian which I did. And now they’re askin for my fathers information and god knows where he is. He has never resided in the Uk but comes occasionally last time he came here was 6 years ago. This whole process has been tumultuous and is actually infuriating I’ve looked forward to movin to university for a long time, one of the main reasons being to get my own space as I don’t have a room of my own as I share with my brothers and sister, but I won’t be able to do so as a result big up u SFE. Furthermore I will have to travel to university 4/5 days a week as my course has a lot of contact hours which means 3 hours on the bus everyday 1.5 hours there and another 1.5 back. Oh and the reason I have to take bus is because there is no direct train there it goes to a different city before goin to my university effectively takin longer. The funniest thing is people in more stable families like some of my friends have managed to get the maintenance loan they need to move out despite their parents making triple what my grandma makes. The system is acc a joke ive been on free school meals my entire life a common indicator in poverty whereas my mate whos parents run an accountancy firm gets 7k maintenance. I mean the most needy aren’t even able to benefit from the system no wonder why there isn’t much working class people in education.
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Trust me man same bro man f**k student finance

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