would a job as a cyber security specialist get sponsored by a US company? Watch

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if i were a cyber security specialist with a couple years under my belt as well as degree, is there a good chance of me getting sponsored by a US company to come over there and work for them?
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uncertain , depends

that's because a degree and a few years experience in cyber security, although great for a job in say, UK Banks, Swiss Banks, all FTSE companies, all SME's in EU, all large companies in EU, all foreign banks & foreign companies in EU, various ethical hacking groups, various unethical secret squirrel societies in Gloucestershire/Bude/Scarborough/Salford etc....

So in the US, it'd be half-similar, but you'd only be able to get a job/be offered a visa from about half of the US cyber market - as one half of the US cyber market needs an american nationality as a first step, rather than a simple qualification & experience. So I , being from Yorkshire, not Seattle - was offered a digital/scientific job and a visa at Fermilab in Batavia , Illinois, but I was told not even to bother applying when I visted NASA Langley Research Centre, in Virginia, and asked to 'play' with their toys.

Boris Johnson could probably get a job in the US, as he was born there
However there's no harm in trying, the more than seventeen agencies in the security state of the USA probably has around a million people signed-up at present, but that still leaves many potential non-national-security posts available, just sometimes there is a bit of an overlap

get the qualifications, sure, then see where they lead to - there will still be a big demand in a decade for cybersec posts, tho' I'd study quite a bit of ML as well as current SOTA, just to be ready for industry changes

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