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I will begin my 3rd and final year of undergraduate not too long from now. It appears my current degree in International Relations, and interests in a couple foreign languages (although no formal qualification).

1. People have suggested a pathway towards diplomacy/foreign office. I haven't really heard any other suggestions, and would like to think about other possible directions too. That's the first thing.

2. The second thing would be this. Let's say I wanna get some work experience to see if I'll like that (and of course it's useful since I need skills and lack experience anyway), which places would you recommend? Places that would allow me to work part time/internship during my 3rd year of undergraduate studies.

- There is the Foreign Office via Fast Stream, but only hires graduates (which I am not) and full time (which I am not able to do currently), if my understanding is correct.

- I was also told of the Foreign Office Open House will will be held this weekend: I plan to ask them about their work, any internships, etc (stuff aforementioned above).

- Also, there is apparently the Apollo House and Lunar House (in my local area of London), but I'm not really sure how applications work there. And there's w4mp - no clue how that works.

2.1. Apart from those, any other places to see which fit my situation? What other mediums/places other than Fast Stream are there?

3. If part-time during term time is not possible, any internships during next summer? When I will finish undergraduate?
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