I want to drop physics in A2/Year 13, what should i do? Watch

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Hi, Im an international student studying alevels. My subjects are biology, chemistry, and physics. I just finished AS and im now starting A2. My grades were pretty bad and i got CCC. I now want to drop physics in A2 because i dont think i can handle it anymore. I barely handled physics in AS and my grade in paper 2/theory paper was actually D, probably because i left an entire question empty. I dont know what to do. I genuinely cant handle physics, Im not a person who isnt studious or isnt serious about their studies, i have a genuine interest and love for biology and chemistry, i like studying about them and i plan to do a degree in the biochem field. However, in physics i have 0 interest in it and I have tried very hard to study it and do better. My problem with physics isnt that i dont understand it, but im just unable to answer the questions at all. My head is completely blank whenever i try to solve one, no matter how much i have tried to study the topic. I dont even no where to start on how to attempt the question in the first place. I have definitely felt like that in AS i have spent all my time trying to improve in physics that my grade in biology and chemistry dropped. Im now hoping i can triple my effort and hard work in A2 and hopefully at least improve my grade to a B. Now that im about 3 weeks into A2 ive decided that i should just stop trying with physics because its just a waste of time and effort. My mental health has also been so effected by it due to my AS grades and because i feel like everyone in my class except me understands it. I also feel like my physics teacher thinks im stupid and whenever i ask questions he gets annoyed by me and thinks that im wasting his time because whats the point of teaching to a C grade student anyways. I really want to drop physics and just do another subject (the uni i want to go to doesnt even require physics they only require bio and chem). The problem is that i would have to do composite and give both the AS and A2 papers for it, what if im not able to handle it? So i guess my question is, should i drop physics? If so, what subject do you recommend that i replace it with? (Something easy please 😥)
Thank you to anyone who reads this i know its really long i guess i just needed somewhere to rant.
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Ok, so you need Bio and Chem for your intended course, and also need a 3rd A-level.

You got a C in Physics at AS, and that will count towards your A-level. You feel disinclined towards continuing Physics towards A2 -- the very thought upsets you.

So, as you say, if you pick up a new subject now, you will have to sit all the AS and A2 papers together at the same time. There are no easy subjects, per se, because each A-level is designed to be comparable. Unless, of course, you haven't been tapping into some creative vein in your Sixth Form studies so far!

Perversely, I would suggest you grit your teeth and continue with Physics despite everything. You have completed more than half the course, and you do have that C in the bag. That would probably be the smartest suggestion -- carry on for another eight and a half months, and then kiss the subject goodbye.

Your post suggests you just might be able to manage that, so why not?

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