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Hey guys I’m in my second year of college and I’m thinking of going to Aston University to study International relations, however my knowledge or it is limited. Can anyone give me any advice on what the course entails and a little bit of background knowledge before I start to write my Personal a statement. Also is it very difficult ?
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Aston Uni only offer a joint degree in International Relations. You can do "English Literature and International Relations" or "European Union and International Relations" or "Business and International Relationships" etc. Here is what the course contains for Business and International relations.

Year one introduces you to key modules focusing on the international state system and to the structure and purpose of international organisations; you also learn about ethics and international politics.
Your second year covers theories and contemporary issues in international relations, security studies and the globalisation of the international political economy.
During the final year you will explore more specialised topics through the completion of an individual research dissertation and a range of modules covering topics such as the international relations of East Asia, US foreign policy, and the international relations between post Soviet Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

You’ll study the theories, principles and underlying concepts of the main functions of management and develop a strong understanding of business models and processes. You’ll examine how strategic decision-making within organisations takes place, and develop the ability to recognise and analyse the economic, technical, financial, social and organisational parameters within which modern managers make decisions.

Here are some module examples (units you take as part of the course at Aston):

Year 1

Introduction to the Concepts and Methods of International Relations
Introduction to the European Union
Introductory Accounting for Business
Economic Environment of Business
Law for Business
Introduction to Marketing Management

The Making of the Modern World
What’s Trending (Current Affairs in Politics and International Relations)

Year 2
International Relations: Theories
Critical Approaches to Security Studies
Fundamental Strategy
Strategic Finance
Operations Management
Virtual Business Simulation

West European Politics and Society
Russian and East European Politics and Society
North American Politics and Society
East Asian Politics and Society: China and Japan
South Asian Politics and Society
International Relations in Political Thought
Security Studies: Theories and Issues
The Politics and Policies of the European Union
International Political Economy

Year 3
Integrated placement year

Final Year
Theories and Practice of Leadership
Business Ethics

A Great Misunderstanding: Britain and the EU
African Politics: From the Colonial Period to the Present Day
America in the World
The American Presidency
BRICS and Emerging Power Shifts in World Politics
Chinese Politics and Society
Conflict and Intervention
Democracy, Authoritarianism and Regime Change
Diplomacy and Soft Power
Ethics and International Relations
EuroSim: Learning Negotiation through Simulation Games
Gender and Politics
Interest Groups and Lobbying
International Institutions
Nationalism and Political Power
Political Communication
Leaders and Leadership: Case Studies and Comparative Perspectives
Politics and Islam: Past and Present
Politics and Protest in a Globalised World
Politics of Development
Religion and Politics in Contemporary Europe
Sport and Politics
The International Relations of East Asia
The Populist Radical Right in Europe
Understanding Foreign Policy
Debates in Contemporary British Politics
Changing Patterns of Warfare
Intelligence Agencies and the Modern World – MI6, CIA & ISI
Political Parties
International Marketing
International Operations
Strategic HRM
Innovation & New Product & Service Development
Global Working

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