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Hello All,

I will try to keep this short, but as detailed as possible.

I left sixth form at the end of Year 12 (AS year) in Summer 2016. The subjects I was taking was Maths, Further Maths and Physics. Since I had learned most of AS maths for my GCSEs, I was given permission to sit the full A-level Maths qualification in Year 12. I also took the AS qualification in Further Mathematics, but I didn't take any examinations for Physics because Physics had been reformed and school decided I should only take the full A-level qualification the following year.

I achieved the following grades:
A-level Mathematics: A*
AS Further Mathematics: A

I decided not to return to sixth form for Year 13 (Stupidest decision ever) because I found it easy and thought that I could do it myself. It was very easy. Go to classes, listen to the teacher and do the textbook exercises which the teacher would recommend and I would get A/A* in all of my examinations without much stress. So, I decided for Year 13, I wouldn't go to Sixth form and I would instead self teach and take my examinations at a exam center.

At the start of what would have been my Year 13, if I had went to sixth form, I decided to apply for University. I applied to several and got invited to interview at Cambridge. I was really happy about this, but for some reason I just couldn't study. From September of that year, I just wasn't able to study. It was very different from when I was a sixth form student. I keep putting the studying off. I was too focused on watching anime and playing video games.

When I was a student at sixth form, I had the following motivators:
1. Exam table. We had an exam every 2 weeks, and nobody wanted to place last in that table because it would be embarrassing. Striving for the number 1 spot it was kept me motivated to study.
2. Homework, failure to complete homework would mean that we would get detentions. That kept me on top of my school work.
3. Being around other similar minded students kept me motivated.

When I was a sixth form student, I never understood how important these things were in creating a productive student. But now that I've tried to self teach, I understand how difficult it is to teach yourself something when nobody is holding your hand or forcing you to do it.

So, I ended up not going to my Cambridge interview because I was not adequately prepared at all. I hadn't looked at any Maths properly for longer than an hour since my examinations in June. My new plan was to take my examinations in Further Maths A2 and the full Physics A-level in 2018 June. However, I faced the same issues that I faced when I tried to prepare for my Cambridge interview assessments. I would briefly begin to study for 10 or so minutes and then I would just give up and proceed to watch anime or play video games.

I ended up not paying for my examinations because it was quite obvious that I would have failed had I did. It's recommended that you put around 300 learning hours into each of your A-level subject. From September-April, I believe I did maybe 2-3 hours of studying in total for my subjects. A similar thing happened this year also, didn't sit any examinations because I didn't study at all.

I really need help. I am passionate about Maths and Computer Science. I would love to be a software developer in future, but I cannot self teach. I thought it would be a easy thing to do as I didn't find A-levels very difficult, but it's not. I am fast approaching 20, so I do not think enrolling into sixth form is a possibility anymore.

I don't know what to do someone please help me. I really want to go to University.
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same, honestly same

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