I love my partner, but I feel like there’s no chemistry? Watch

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We’ve been together 2 years. At the beginning of us I never felt butterflies or sparks. Things just felt very very calm in a sense. I’ve never felt that chemistry between us - no overly physical or sexual attraction.
I feel so lost and upset. I do love him, he’s so kind, smart and gentle and caring. We are both our first serious relationship and we’re both 21 years old.
He can give me the world- a home, children and marriage.
But I just feel like there’s something missing. I don’t know if this is because before him I’ve only exercise experienced bad relationships?
Has anyone has any experience with this?
I hate the thought of leaving him, - and he can sense that something is wrong and he said if I ever left he wouldn’t know what to do. He can’t lose me and he keeps saying this.
Please give me some advice. Thank you
Dunnig Kruger
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Pre 19 year olds tend to be hopeless at relationships because they lack maturity - because they're young - well durr!
So don't judge your future relationships by the standards of the non serious relationships you had prior to this one.

I think you owe it to yourself and your boyfriend to embark on a
five year mission
To explore strange new worlds
To seek out new life
And new relationships
To boldly go where plenty of men and women have gone before...

This episode's over. It's time to get Scotty to beam you out of there.

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