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I’m really bad at making decisions and I most of the time regret the decision.

For example, I recently turned down a job offer based on it being too far in my opinion (6 miles/90 min travel time, I’m impatient) and it being near minimum wage. Now that I think about it a week later, I could have just dealt with it because I dealt with both cases before, but I just couldn’t be arsed to travel so much for work just for near minimum wage after doing it for years for school), so this job didn’t seem worth it. But I’m on a gap year and I realise that I just need any job right now, so it looks like I’ve been working for a full year from September. I just listened to my dad because he always seems to be right. I just need some structure in this gap year, plus I feel like I cannot book any trips until I get a job because once I get a job, I can’t make any plans for a while. I’ve tried to look for jobs closer to me, but they close late and the travel there is a bit limited. I know I’m way to picky. I can’t go back and change my decision, I just need to accept it. I want to work, travel a bit and get some work experience in addition to resitting an A-level. Any tips on helping make decisions and gap year plans?
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Definitely do what feels right for you in the moment - sometimes parents can be really useful for advice but sometimes you just have to stick to your gut and if it turns out to be wrong - oh well life goes on! With regards to your gap year - I'd definitely say get a job at home for a bit first, you don't have to go for the first one that comes up (if it's near minimum wage) but then once you do have one, stick with it and earn money for about 3-6 months. With it coming up to Christmas you could get a temp job and they may want to keep you on.

Once you've built up a bit of money/experience you could go travelling - and even get a job working in a hostel/bar/restaurant abroad. I had a gap year for the last year and I worked at seasonal language camps in London (I worked as an activity guide so I got to do all the fun things) which built my money up and allowed me to go travelling in between.

I hope this is some kind of help, I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for and my experience is a bit different because I did my gap year after uni.

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