Will I have to go to back to college once a week if I do a apprenticeship next year?

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I'm currently 20 years old and on my fifth year at a North East College. I am currently studying a Level 3 UAL Games Course which is 2 years long and will have to pay a lot to do the second year. I've already had to pay for last year's L2 UAL Media course which was over two thousand pounds!

I am thinking of doing the first year of this L3 course since it would save us having to spend money on a second year by trying to a get a full time job in the IT industry or apprenticeship at the very least.

I am just wondering if I do leave the first year of this course and get an apprenticeship, will I have to go back to college once a day as part of it or will they be some sort of training day to prevent this from happening? Thanks
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It depends on the apprenticeship, but there are a lot that offer on-site training: I'm currently doing an apprenticeship and I just meet with a tutor every few weeks and complete my coursework at a computer in a quiet room of the building.

I'm not sure if IT would be any different, but it's worth looking into: attending college isn't a requirement for every apprenticeship.
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The requirement for apprenticeships is that 20% of the apprentices overall working time must be spent on training, this could be online activities or a day/ block release to college. I don't know how many relevant apprenticeships are available in your area or what the employers are typically looking for, however I did the first year of l3 engineering before getting my apprenticeship and having some of the units already has helped, it is actually what a lot of employers seem to look for as it means that you can be credited with the qualification at less cost to them. I am currently doing one day a week of college, however apprentices doing different courses through my company are all on different things, some on day release, and some of them only have online courses and such for the most part. I also know one lass (different company) who goes away for a week or 2 to do training once a month(ish).

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