Have you dropped out of university? What are you doing now?

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If you dropped out, do you feel like you made the right decision?

What's your story....?

Why did you decide to drop out?

What are you doing now?


The i newspaper is running an article about people who have dropped out of unviersity - they would like to speak to students about this so if you are interested in speaking to a journalist let me know
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Twice! I was holding 4 offers for Dentistry and I got a B in my A Level Chemistry (missed AAA by just one mark!). I trained in Outdoor Education and worked summer camps and started volunteering as a Scout Leader.
2 years later I started a BSc Biomedical Science at my top choice Dentistry Uni with the hope to go postgraduate and I hated it. I switched to BSc Chemistry and due to personal and financial difficulties I eventually gave up.

I managed a summer camp that summer before going to work with kids on an American Cruise Ship.
I came back and landed a job as a Museum Educator before returning to two more years in Outdoor Education. I left - took a job in a preschool and joined the Royal Navy Reserve as an Officer Cadet and found myself ashamed to be telling all the successful graduate colleagues I was “just a nursery nurse” and set about finding myself a full time career.
I applied for full time Royal Navy but mid application, I came across clearing vacancies to train as a Children’s Nurse. I’d spent the summer working as a Programme Leader for NCS and had decided leaving my work with children and young people would be a poor decision. I applied and 3 weeks later started my training. I would go on to lead NCS every summer between!
During my first year I became quite unwell - by November of 2nd Year I’d seen neurology for migraines but I continued to struggle.
I had terrible placements and questionable support from the University.
Two months from the end of my degree and after the submission of all my academic work I was struggling too much to continue with my placement. The worst thing anyone with migraines can do is shift work, irregular meal times and working in a roasting hot windowless department. My migraine preventative medication causes drowsiness - which meant to work night shifts I would have to skip my medication and suffer withdrawal. I was exhausted and I left. I would have graduated with a 1st class degree and achieved 72% in my dissertation.

Around halfway through my second year of nursing after spending a lot of time working for my university “Widening Participation” as I had done at my former university. I had come to the conclusion I loved Primary School workshops far more than nursing. In fact, careers matching provided by the Uni had my top match as “Teacher” with “Nurse” sitting at number 61. From that point on, I had been considering a PGCE.

So it probably comes as no surprise to hear I took away a Diploma of Higher Education (averaged 78% and a distinction) and transferred to the Open University. I’m now studying modules in Primary Education and Childhood & Youth and hoping to graduate and take up teacher training in 2020 with a BSc Open Degree.

In fact today - I found out I have been invited for an interview for Teacher Training - so I’m already hopefully on track!

I’m back at Scouts and additionally volunteering with a local arts club and a project to raise career aspirations in local primary schools alongside my full time study and hoping to return to NCS in a few weeks time.

Do I wish I’d just applied for teaching all along? No - zero regrets. My knowledge, skills and experience have grown by the day and I’ve met some incredible people along the way. I’ve taken up new hobbies and I’ve grown massively in confidence and been inspired by so many incredible children and young people to not only make it in teaching - but to make a difference to teaching.
I’ve grown an interest in research and a passion for righting social inequalities and I hope the other side of this I can help shape education in the name of every child or young person who has ever made me look at the world a little differently.
I forever shake my head ticking that box that says “my parents didn’t attend higher education” - mine didn’t even get GCSEs. I genuinely thought I wouldn’t get mine. Yet here I am with AABC at A Level a DipHE (Distinction) in Health Studies and still going strong.

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