Self studying AQA history A level at home. possible and how?

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I never did history A level at all back in school, so getting back into the system seems a bit tough so far.
looking at the spec for AQA there is a wide number of options in terms of study subjects (tudors, stuarts, French revolution, America etc).
how do I know which ones to study? is it my choice or is it down to whichever exam hall or college that I choose to take the final exams at?

for component 1 I would like to study the british empire (1J) and for component 2 I would like to study the French revolution (2H), plus the investigation for component 3 on possibly WW2. is this possible and is it up for me to decide if I plan on self studying at home then showing up to an exam hall in May/June?

final question for now: to achieve the A level, would I just do the A2 exams, or AS + A2? lol I honestly cant remember how the system worked back when I was there and I believe its changed since.
if anyone is willing to discuss this with me it would be greatly appreciated. I am quite confused.
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1) talk to your exam centre - it’s likely they will want you to do they same paper as they are doing
2) you can self study at home then turn up to the exam but again check with your centre to get advice on modules available to you
3) there are no AS exams anymore - you only take A2

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