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HI there i'm sorry if a thread has already been created for this.
i'm stuck between a few uni courses... what is the best one?

Fashion- I've been making clothes for as long as i can remember and the only adv higher i'm doing is art. I sell my own upcycled clothes online, however I don't love the idea of art school and the employment rates are so low plus to really succeed in this industry you need networks which i just don't have and don't see myself getting.

Business+ marketing- probably the degree my parents would want me to do the most. Like I said before I have my own mini business in selling upcycled clothing which is doing quite well at the moment and I would like to learn more about how to grow a business. Marketing because I take art and i'm very imaginative and could really see myself enjoying the advertising industry. On the whole though i've looked into it and the career prospects sound quite boring for me as a person... don't know how fufilled i'd feel and i've never taken a higher in business.

enviornmental sciences/ sustainability- I genuinely believe we need people with this degree for the future with climate change and our consumerist actions as humans destroying our planet. I attend as many school strikes for climate change as I can and I'm veggie/ make clothes/ passionate about being as eco and minimalist as possible. Also all my highers are science based. Again the career prospects bore me and don't seem to fit me well

eng A maths A chem A bio B art A
highers i'm taking this year-
adv art, mods, french
the other option is not going to uni at all/ take a gap year but I also don't know if i'm cut out for that I feel so young.

I'd say my main priority is I want to do a degree (as cringe as this sounds) that will help everyone's future hopefully through something eco based and help get through to people to change their actions...
whether thats through designing sustainable garments, my own business, adverstise/ market eco brands or get down to the sciences behind it.

would love some help as i'm writing my personal statement soon.
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Well your experience in fashion would help both the fashion degree and business. As you have been designing and selling, shows skills and you could definitely put that into a personal statement for either fashion or business. I think you would be great for either of these and would definitely be suited.

However, for environmental sciences I would say that you don’t sound as enthusiastic or as committed to this course, as you said the career prospects bore you. I would definitely say make sure you are passionate about what you want to study, it will show in the personal statement. They may be able to sense that it doesn’t interest you completely. Make sure your doing the degree for the right reasons, not just because there will be need for the jobs that you could get from it cause in the mean time as you study it, it will be more difficult if you don’t particularly like it.

Good luck with whatever you do though! 😊

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