Which make-up products are worth splashing out on? Watch

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I would say

Foundation and Powder and highlighter and bronzer - Must be top end because it really does make a difference. Much better quality. It looks much better and lasts a lot longer. Well worth the investment. (I have Bobbi Brown and no regrets)

But what about the others?

Mascara - I have tried top brands like Dior etc and I always go back to the L'oreal double extension mascara I had when I was 15. I love that mascara so much and it has always beaten out high end products for me.
Only problem is, is it smudges. Even then, much better than the premium ones. Can anyone suggest a good no smudge mascara? What I might do is just buy a l'oreal primer and then coat that on top.

Eyeshadow - I would say mid range like Mac is usually good for eyeshadow. Better than high street but no need to splash out.

Lip Gloss - again I would say mid range like Mac.

Lipstick - when I first switched to more expensive lipsticks I thought it was stupid. But after a while I did notice that the colour was better, and that it glided on better and it lasted longer. But even, then it's only lipstick... I would say generally a mid range one or even cheap one is fine. Maybe splash out on 1 or 2 colours you will wear a lot and invest in that?

Eyeliner - I have a Chanel eyeliner that glides on like a dream. I don't wear it a lot so it lasts for years. I think it is better than a high street one.

Blusher - I have tried high end blusher and honestly think my Rimmel one is just fine.
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I'd definitely say foundation is one to splash out on (although the one I wear most regularly is the Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' foundation, I do wear the Fenty Beauty 'Pro Filt'r Soft Matte' foundation for special occasions.).
Highlighter potentially too, I think more expensive liquid highlighters look the best; I wear the Iconic London 'Illuminator'.
But I don't think you need to have expensive bronzer and powder. I use the Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder and the Bourjois 'Delice de Poudre' bronzer and I've been using them both for years and they both seem good quality and long lasting.
My favourite mascara which usually MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, which lasts all day, and doesn't smudge at all for me. It's very waterproof, I've worn it swimming and on holiday, and as long as don't touch my lashes, it doesn't even flake off or anything.
Eyeshadow quality varies from brand to brand. I think some cheap ones are better than expensive ones. For example, Makeup Revolution and NYX produce very good cheap eyeshadows. I also like Urban Decay and Tarte for eyeshadows too. I've not tried any MAC eyeshadows as they seem to be pretty expensive...
I've never tried expensive lipgloss, cheap lipgloss is suitable for my makeup habits. The clear one I have is from some random brand in Boots that I'm not sure exists anymore. It was like £2, so I hardly mind that I have to apply it a bit more that I would with a more expensive brand.
The MAC lipsticks are pretty good, but my favourite is from Bourjois. It is pretty long lasting and such a lovely shade.
I've also never tried expensive eyeliner, I don't wear liquid eyeliner a lot, and I wear pencil eyeliner a lot less, so I've never seen expensive ones as a good investment as I'd hardly wear them. The liquid eyeliner I wear is Maybelline 'Master Precise' and I used to love it but I rarely wear eyeliner.
I've found that more expensive blusher is usually higher quality. I wear the Benefit 'Rockateur' and I think it, and all of Benefit's blushers, are amazing. I usually wear a fair bit of blusher so people that don't wear as much probably don't need to splash on a more expensive one.
Also, something I will always swear by getting as cheap as I can, is lashes. The GWA false lashes that are sold in Savers are by far the best cheap lashes. They're usually about £3/4 and I love them (some of them look a bit weird on, so make sure you try out a few different styles, and trim them so they fit to your eye shape).
These are all just my personal opinion based on my makeup wearing habits. If it helps, I usually go for a more natural look so the products that I've mentioned are more natural looking (although the foundations are high coverage and the mascara and lashes are still pretty dramatic lol).
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Keeping a Chanel eyeliner for “years”? That’s pretty gross. Products such as foundation and blusher can be used for up to 2 years after opening, lipstick for 1 year, but eyeliners should be replaced after 3-6 months.
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