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Initially, I was going to make a quiz game for my NEA. However, upon completing the first draft for my project analysis it occurred to me that making a quiz game may not be the best idea as I didn't find myself implementing many 'A-Level standard' ideas. instead, I would like to make a Rubik's cube solving and scrambling application to solve and / or scramble 2x2x2 cubes and 3x3x3 cubes (and potentially 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 if time allowed me to). Is it too late to change my idea or should I stick with the quiz game? The language I plan to write this in is Python, as that is the language my school prefer, and is the language I am most comfortable with. Has anybody done their NEA on a similar idea, and / or have any ideas or ways in which I can make either a quiz game which is of A-Level standard, or a Rubik's cube solver-scrambler. I am hoping to get at the very least a B on this coursework, hence I am a bit iffy on the quiz game. Sorry for the ramble, I just needed to get all my thoughts out. Any advice is appreciated!
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I'm sure there are plenty of ways you can add complexity to the quiz to meet the complexity requirements for A-Level. For example

  • Build the quiz app as a Web Application using the Python Flask framework: https://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post...-i-hello-world
  • Build some OO structures into the app - e.g. use the Repository pattern for database logic classes, or create a set of classes for input validation.
  • Create a non-trivial relational database to store your questions, quizzes, categories, users, their attempts/answers, groups of users, etc.
  • Introduce an authentication (identity) system with security features - e.g. password complexity, password reset, automatic lockout/retries,
  • Add authorisation (permissions) depending on a user's role - e.g. student-vs-teacher-vs-administrator. (e.g. administrator to create/manage/delete users or create/manage/delete quizzes/questions, teacher able to view stats for their class or year, control access to different questions, etc.)
  • Create some non-trivial database queries which involve Joining tables together - e.g. generate statistics for individual students, classes, year groups, etc. list the questions in-order by most right/wrong answers, number of attempts per-student, calculate grades, show a 'scoreboard', feedback report, etc. Reports/graphs could perhaps be downloadable or viewable on a page/screen in a graph/chart.
  • Consider writing some 'hand-rolled' algorithms - e.g. encryption/hashing for password security, or writing some code to do some statistical analysis on your users' quiz answers.

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