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I’m gonna cry. This stupid confidence/anxiety/shyness issue is taking over my life. I’m scared to get a job or even be in a relationship. I’ve never been in a relationship before, only because of this one damn reason. I always think negative and worry what people think of me. I mean, even queuing up in a store to buy something makes me nervous. This is too much. How is someone supposed to live a normal life like this? I’m also embarrassed to go to the doctors/tell my parents. I just hate the way I am. I get so jealous of people who are naturally outgoing and confident, what a lovely life they must have. I really do think it’s my genes or something, because I’ve had a good childhood and I haven’t really been bullied before. Also, I have pretty good friends too, so I’m not lonely or anything. There is absolutely no reason for me to be like this, nothing majorly depressing or something has happened to me. My mum is also like this, so I’m thinking it’s genetic. Anyhow, I really need help because simple social situations make me anxious. I’m just a mess, and I even think I’m going to be unemployed forever because of this. I don’t blame employers, even I wouldn’t hire myself. I would just simply fail the interview stage. I don’t want money, I don’t want girls, I don’t want cars, I don’t want jewellery, I don’t want anything like that. All I want in this life is some confidence. I’m also having my first lecture ever tomorrow, so I’m obviously anxious for that too. I’m hoping university will make me a more confident person. Sorry if I’m just moaning, I really had to write this somewhere. Any advice will help me out a lot.
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You need to talk to an anonymous help line. they can't see you so hopefully you can talk to them. I also recommend joining this facebook group
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You need to talk to an anonymous help line. they can't see you so hopefully you can talk to them. I also recommend joining this facebook group
hello, this is a reply from 2 years later! I want to say i overcame most of my social anxiety! but not all, and i still have work to do, but i just want to say, omg i was so helpless and such in a dark places that time.
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