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so recently I've seen my grandad has been forgetting where he has placed things and also keeps asking the same questions over and over sometimes, like he forgot the answer. I wasn't sure if I should be concerned or not as he has just turned 80 and if it was just old age. He has just recovered from skin cancer and is having a little trouble getting about but apparently this is not caused by the skin cancer and my mum thinks it is something called "Lewy dementia". I am just wondering what to do, if you guys think its a possibility he could have dementia or is just old age, and if there is any possible way I could help him out cause last time we spoke he was seeing things outside and I told him that there was no one outside and he thought i was lying.
any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Your mum called it dementia, perhaps he’s been seen by a doctor already, particularly as he’s been having hospital care already so it might have been spotted. Ask her if he has. If not suggest seeing a doctor with him to your mum. There is nothing you can do as such to stop this but having a doctor see him will makes this easier as he might be helped sooner if this advances to another stage. He does seem to be having symptoms seen in dementia.

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