I did bad in my Chemistry Unit Test

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I'm in year 10 and I've just stared GCSE and I'm honestly really upset i did bad. So I worked so hard and put in my utmost effort in this exam and I feel like my chemistry teacher did not mark my test properly because I looked at my results and there was a question that said "why do isotopes have the same chemical properties?" I exactly said that isotopes have the same chemical properties because they have the same electrons of an atom of that element and she gave me zero marks and there was a Table question and I was shocked I got it wrong please if there is any advice because Im not failing chemistry GCSE.

.Also, I got 11/40 and I did so bad :C
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Okay, firstly calm down. You're not going to be kicked off the chemistry course. Of course your first test grade won't be very high, but this is only natural. You've just started a GCSE course, and have limited experience. Ask to go through your test with your teacher and learn the correct answers to the questions you answered incorrectly.

Secondly, chemical properties are not due to the number of electrons, but the element itself. Eg A Magnesium +1 ion reacts differently to sodium, but they have the same number of electrons. (1s2,2s2,2p6,3s1) Electrons I suppose consitutute reactive properties, like what charge of ion it forms, the energy required to break the ionic bond, etc.

Isotopes have similar chemical properties, (boiling/ melting point, flammability etc) as they have the same number of protons and electrons. Remember in an isotope only the number of neutrons are different, and the protons and electrons define an element. Physical properties may be different, eg some isotopes are unstable, they boil at different temperatures, odd numbers of neutrons create a "spin" effect.

I'm not an expert chemist, but I assume you should have written that the number of protos and electrons are the same, not just electrons.
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I get how you feel, its so horrible getting a disappointing mark in a test that you thought you did great on. But the only thing I can say is to use these questions that you have got wrong to perfect your answers incase they come up on the actual GCSE. Correct the answers you got wrong from the Internet or if your teacher goes through it, and use these answers to revise.
Also you could always ask your chem teacher to go through the test with you one lunch or something, im sure they would be fine doing that.

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