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I'm soon going to have a test based on an extract from the book The Woman in Black by Susan Hill and I have to answer the following question:

How does the writer use language here to describe the atmosphere when Arthur Kipps wakes up?


I sat up paralyzed, frozen, in the bed, conscious only of the dog and of the prickling of my own skin and of what suddenly seemed a different kind of silence, ominous and dreadful. And then, from somewhere within the depths of the house—but somewhere not very far from the room in which I was—I heard a noise. It was a faint noise, and, strain my ears as I might, I could not make out exactly what it was. It was a sound like a regular yet intermittent bump or rumble. Nothing else happened. There were no footsteps, no creaking floorboards, the air was absolutely still, the wind did not moan through the casement. Only the muffled noise went on and the dog continued to stand, bristling at the door, now putting her nose to the gap at the bottom and snuffling along, now taking a pace backward, head cocked and, like me, listening, listening. And, every so often, she growled again.

I would appreciate it if anyone helps me out a bit and gives me an idea of what to write about
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1.multiclausal sentences - can't control emotions, his thoughts are all over the place, the dog is also nervous/scared etc. extend this in your paragraph.
2.use of descriptions - adjectives (e.g. muffled noise, wind did not moan etc. pick out what you like) - a sense of darkness, emptiness - very gothic!! Also ominous, we are also very tense. We are vicariously living through this. Again, extend this.
3.You could go for another description or for another structural feature such as short sentences - build up tension, show that Kipps' thoughts are fragmented etc.
In English, I found that you can waffle it a lot and it'll be a breeze.Make sure to use the PEE structure and ANALYSE. Hope this helped somewhat

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