Advice on people taking the piss out of me ?

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Okay so i’ve just started c About a month ago i moved from London to a town near manchester.
i know nobody here which is expected as i’ve moved far away from where i used to live.
Anyway every break time i go out and walk to this shop where i get a drink etc. Now on my way there there is always a group of lads at least 3 years older than me who hang around the street. They seem to like to shout things at me like “what a cunt” and laugh at me, this happens everyday. I don’t want to change my route because that almost makes it look like i’m scared of them which i’m not. i was only scared on one occasion where one of the boys decided to take the muzzle and lead of his aggressive staffy, i did kinda **** myself when i saw it running at me but luckily it only wanted to bark at me and nothing else. i could understand why they do this if i was the type of guy to walk around like he owns the place and is better than everyone else or something, but i’m not i keep to myself and am polite to anyone who speaks to me

any advice
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They sound like really nasty people, try to ignore them if you can but if things escalate I would report them to the police.

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