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I really like this dude (I met him when I started my job around 3 weeks ago and I haven’t crushed in years). Anyway I wondered if these were signs he may like me too. I rather you be brutally honest as it’s been a while and I’m rusty and don’t want to be lead on 😂

- we message at least every day
- sometimes he sends the occasional 😉 and 😏 and he even sent 😘 this twise after saying ‘jk’ (sounds stupid Ik) 😂
- he remembers little stuff (like when I’m in the library) and even sat there when his lesson was cancelled (could be coincidence tbf)
- he said ‘I think girls with red hair look nice, dark red hair 😉’ (which I have)
-we joke A LOT
however heres some catches with are confusing me

-we haven’t hung out just the 2 of us yet
- sometimes I’m scared the conversations may get boring (work based however it doesn’t stay in this for long)
-sometimes he takes a while to message back (sure most the time he’s working or in lesson) but he could randomly open my snap and take 15 mins to reply.

I don’t really wanna ask him as Some people on here said I should but I don’t wanna be let down as it will be awkward as I still have to work with him

Why are boys so confusing!!l
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Yeah I know, boys are weird.
He’s dropping a lot of hints, and if he’s messaging you every day that’s a definite sign he likes you. The emoji’s are definitely a hint.

Mate, just go for it. If you like him, tell him. Life is far too short to stand around and doubt what he’s trying to tell you.
And if it isn’t all smooth sailing in the end, no big deal. Pick yourself back up, one bit at a time, and carry on.

Love is rare, so grab it.
Good luck! <3

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