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Hello. I am currently enrolled in a Canadian high-school in Toronto, Ontario. I just enrolled 4 weeks ago.
I want to apply to BA Social Science(L300) for 2020/9 entry.
I have a bit of a problem. I need 6 of 12-grade courses but I will only have 4 when I apply this December. I know that it will make me less competitive compared to others without my predicted grades... What should I do? My school said they cannot provide predicted grades for the other courses that I did not take... My school runs on semester bases which means
2019/9~2020/12(4 of 12-grade courses + 10 grade English)/What I am doing right now
2020/1~2020/2(11 grade English)
2020/3~2020/6(12 grade English + 1 of 12 grade( I think this course will open next year..)
I need 3 predicted grades for 11 grade English + 12 grade English + 12-grade course(not sure which yet)
"KCL requirements are 83% grade average of 6 12-grade courses"
If I lack in theses 3 predicted grades will my chance be super lower?? I will have all of my grades my the end on 2020/6. I currently have IELTS score and that's all I got.. I just started my personal statement this week too. Should I ask my subject teacher to include that the school's policy does not allow predicted grade? If he writes on the personal statement will the University be a bit generous??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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As long as your qualifications includes the pending subjects and your reference explains that policy means they won’t give predictions then you’ll be fine.

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