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Hey everyone, I'm not sure this is in the correct forum but basically I'm a third year undergraduate student and I'll start a work placement in a few weeks time (a short unpaid internship) with a company for which i actually did a previous work placement for during my second year. So I'll be going back there.

I know many people get their first full-time/perm jobs after graduation by converting their internships/work placements into permanent positions - obviously I guess after they proved their worth in those roles.

I'd like to do the same but I don't know how to go about it. So this organisation is having me back a second time, as I did a placement with them in my second year of uni and I think they must have been pleased with what I did.

So at the end of this next placement I will do with them in a few weeks time, what should I say to them to see if they will take me on full-time after I graduate? How do I bring it up? I'm guessing it's down to me and unless I ask, I'm not going to get.

Should I just ask them straight up or would that come across too pushy and rude? I don't want to come across rude or impolite or pushy etc etc you know, so how can I word it the right way?

One my lecturers said on my uni course, a lot of people in the past have used the work placements to get their permanent graduate jobs, either by going back to work for the organisation they did their work placements at OR by having made the right connections and through networking during those work placements.

I really love this company where I will be doing my placement and I'd love to work for them after graduation but I don't know how to approach it with them without coming across like I'm being cheeky basically. Would appreciate advise people
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(Original post by stargazer2k19)
It's not pushy, rude, impolite or cheeky, it's an entirely natural and standard question to ask.

Wait until you are coming to the end of your time with them, then just ask generally about any growth in the organisation, or opportunities coming up etc. You should know enough about the company and how they recruit graduates to know the approximate language/style, so fram a few gentle conversations around that.

You shouldn't under-estimate the likelihood that they will make the first move. If you are really what they want, then they will approach you if they have any sense that you would say yes. So just make it clear you enjoy the work and the organisation.

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