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Hello there and welcome to my first GyG blog :banana: (and yes I had to add him cuz why not??)

As you can tell by the title, me + revising= total nightmare

The thing is, I don't know how to revise or what to revise on so I start procrastinating and end up doing barely any revision or my upcoming exams. This then makes me stressful because I have to cram all that info on the day of the exam like a couple hours before it.

So I try to "motivate" myself or plan out how or what I revise. I listen to music(yes, music not classical but pop), I plan out how long I study and how long my break should be, I have even watched motivational videos but I still somehow can't be asked to get my lazy butt up and into a chair and to start revising.

Recently(possibly like an hour ago), I ordered these self-adhesive cork boards and I thought they might help me out because I can out hem wherever I want and I can put whatever I want on it.

Don't even get me started about grades, my mum expects my grades to have risen by at least a quarter. So say I got 25/45, she expects me to have at least 32 or something. And boy oh boy, she wasn't pleased with my exam results but I would say they are ok!

I will keep you updated on how my revision is going but until then, thanks for listening and hope you feel sorr- I mean hope you feel "educated".
(P.S we love a good centre text)
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Good luck. Ultimately, think about where these grades will take you to motivate yourself. The better you do now, the better chance you’ll have to do the future qualifications you want, future degree you want, future job you want. Working hard opens doors and you’ll feel so proud of yourself if you do that and end up with the results you want. Otherwise, do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering, what if I’d worked a bit harder and could have achieved more? What if I’d put more effort in and could have more opportunities? Hopefully those thoughts motivate you - if not, think about Uni courses (if you’re in Year 11/12) or which A Levels you want to take (if you’re younger), as you’ll need certain grades for all of these. And remember—the only one who loses out by not working hard and getting sub-par grades is you. Good luck though—revision is hard, but if you put your mind to it I have faith you can try and turn things around.

PS I strongly suggest two changes:
1. Don’t listen to pop music. Pre-exam season I switched to classical music and my focus improved a fair bit.
2. Don’t waste too much time planning. And don’t plan breaks. Don’t say “I’ll do an hour of maths then have a break.” Instead, say “I need to get through these past questions on circle theorems and trigonometry, which should take an hour, but if it takes longer I won’t have a break until I’m finished.” This way you might be able to get tasks done rather than superficial revision.

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