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Evaluate the view that the Supreme Court is an effective protector of rights in the USA (30 marks)

The US Supreme Court (USSC) is give the power to interpret the Constitution which sets out rights of American citizens through the first 10 amendments collectively known as the Bill of Rights, in this way it can interpret the Constitution to protect rights. Some would argue that the USSC is an effective protector of rights because it has a codified constitution to enforce against the executive and legislature. But, others believe that the USSC is not an effective protector of rights because the declaring of acts as unconstitutional is merely a political process and thus the decisions are ideological. This essay will argue that the USSC is an effective protector of rights and this is due to the fact they have a codified constitution to enforce.

Some would argue that the USSC is an effective protector of rights because in the area of the freedom of speech it has put aside political monetary regulations for individual rights. For example, in McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission (2014) the USSC struck down, 5-4, a limit on the contributions an individual could make to candidates and political committees, declaring it unconstitutional. This is such a significant case because equality in terms of money in politics is vital in order for smaller parties and independent candidates to gain a foothold. But the fact that individual rights were held above this illustrates how good of a protector of rights the USSC is.

This is all I have got...I can't think any thing else!!!

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