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Hi, I decided to join the Grow Your Grades blog competition as it seems like a good opportunity to help myself study. For my first post as its the end of the first half term for me I thought I'd do a quick post on how my sixth form experience is going so far.

It's been a pretty tiring yet interesting experience. The lessons have been a lot more content filled unlike my GCSE years, but I've enjoyed learning about stuff that I actually care about. The subjects I take are History, Philosophy & Ethics and Politics. I love all of them, but Politics is pretty hard so that one is the one that has made me particularly tired. I found out how I was doing in my end of half term report, and I have not been doing as I well as I would like to be, but its only the first half term and I have so much time to improve. I have also found sixth form to be an amazing chance to get to know people who I never actually spoke to before which is great and has resulted in a larger friend group. Overall, I have loved the first half term, but I know I need to improve and work even harder to get the grades I want at the end of year 13.

Attached to this post is a short (because I haven't had quite enough time to collect many ideas yet) thing about how I want my grades improve over the next half term, and a few tips on how I plan to do this, along with my new mantra for the half term. I hope these can help anyone who needs help out.

Let me know how your experience is going, whether you just started A-Levels or are on your second year.

- Evie
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Just started. studying chemistry biology maths and psychology. I did 2 tests for bio and chem, 1 for maths,3 for psychology. I got a D and an E in chemistry and then 52% on maths (no grade). I haven't had the others back. feeling very deflated. I'm looking to get all As and I'm worried.

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