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hi !! i dont expect anyone to reply but..

i'm in year 11 and i'm studying towards gcse's. i'm finding it hard figuring out what i want to do in the future and i kind of need help

i either want to do marine biology, or something to do with psychology and psychotherapy,

the only problem is, for marine biology i need to do chemistry a level, and i'm terrible at chemistry !!!!

also i need to do geography and i didnt take it as a gcse, so i'm worried it will be difficult.

i find marine biology much more interesting than psychotherapy, but the choices are very hard.

psychotherapy is in my capabilities.

pls help me do i need to take chemistry to become a marine biologist? is geography a level hard ? any tips? thank you <3
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I can’t tell what subjects you need to take to study what. But honestly don’t stress I’m in second year of uni and have only just figured out what I want to do. I suggest got to the sixth form/ college you’ll be going to next year and ask to talk to some of the teacher of those subjects, so you can discuss the best options for you. It’s better to talk to someone who will possibly teach you next year rather than suffer in silence and suffer next year. Hope this helps

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