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Im in my final A level year and currently doing graphic design at A level, and have been set on doing graphic design at uni for a while. However after looking at animation courses it looks a lot more interesting to me , more like something I want to do, however I have no experience in animation. The type of animation I am interested in is the sort you see in Disney, dream works, etc films. So I have a few questions that I hope somebody could answer for me, and give me advice on.
Do I need an A-level in maths for a computer/digital animation degree?
Would I be accepted to an animation course if I only have experience in graphic design?
Should I do a foundation art and design course first to gain some experience in animation?
Is computer animation still an art/design based subject or is it more technology & maths based?
Plymouth College Of Art
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Hi Bethany,

Your own suggestion of completing a Pre-Degree Course is actually a really great idea and something I did myself. I completed a UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design before my degree, and it helped me to decide between Fine Art and Photography. I think that the course really helped to prepare me for my degree, as it helped me to be more experimental as well as developed my critical writing, which is a really key part of creative subjects. It also really helped when applying for universities, because I had developed a great portfolio of work from the course, and universities like to see that you've completed a course like it, as it shows you've really developed key skills needed for a degree course.

In terms of Undergraduate courses, though, I'd recommend having a look at the kind of courses you'd be interested in studying, as universities should specify their course requirements on the course page online or in their prospectus.

For example, the course requirements for the BA(Hons) Graphic Design and BA(Hons) Animation courses at Plymouth College of Art are;
A portfolio and 112 - 120 UCAS points (earned through A-levels, BTEC National Diploma, or Foundation Diploma etc). However, We also welcome applications from students who do not have formal qualifications but can provide evidence of their creativity, skills and experience. You will also be required to attend an interview in person or via Skype, Google Meet or similar online platform.

Different universities will have different requirements so you should look into this, and visit them on Open Days, where you should be able to talk through with members of staff about course requirements and which course you'd be best suited too.

You could also look into more open courses where you'd be able to experiment and play around with both Animation and Graphic Design, perhaps somewhere where the facilities are more open and equipment is available to all students. Personally, that's something that attracted me to studying here at Plymouth College of Art, because the equipment and facilities are available for all students to use, you aren't restricted to your courses space and can experiment throughout the college facilities. I also really enjoyed that there was no 'in-house style' and students are really encouraged to experiment and collaborate with students from other courses, too.

If you have any questions about anything I've mentioned here (my Foundation Course, course requirements, PCA, etc.) or if you think there's anything else I could potentially help you with, please don't hesitate to ask!

Hope this helps,
Third Year Photography Student and Student Ambassador

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