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Hi, I'm Danielle, in Y12 and live in Oxford

I have a couple questions for people studying architecture at UAL, UCA, Oxford Brooks, Bath and Cambridge. Lol I know there are a lot actually, but I feel like I can get the answers here, there's so much I want to know, as I'm very sure this is what I want to do in future. If you could really go into detail, I would really appreciate that, because I like to have all the details possible so I can really compare and plan my options

Btw, more than one person can answer a question, and don't feel pressured to answer them all, ik you have lives too

Thanks so much in advance x

1. Were there tests at application? What were the tests like (the drawing and i can't remember the other one, that you do as part of your application)? What did you have to do? Did you do a lot of practice?

2. What kind of things came up in the interview - what kind of questions and topics?

3. What was your portfolio like? Did you study art to help with this and what were the benefits? How much did they expect and what kind of pieces did you include?

4. Are you particularly artistic/good at drawing? Do you learn along the way, or do you have to be amazingly good in the interview (I'm slightly worried about my drawing skills ngl :ahee:)

5. What has the course been like so far? What have you done? What kind of trips do you go on? What is a typical day/week like?

6. What are the additional expenses like? Are you managing? How do you balance everything?

7. Are you an undergrad or postgrad and what year? Do you want to be an architect or other related career?

8. What are the exams like i.e. midterms and finals?

9. What kind of work experience did you do?

10. Anything else I should know?

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