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Hey there,

It's my graduation next week and i need to get something to wear. I'm going to go down the skirt route, cos trousers tend to look **** on me. But has anyone any ideas for a shirt or top with buttons?

I'm a slightly larger girl (size 14-16) but i'm tall and can carry the weight fairly well (although i do want to be thinner but that's neither here nor there). I've also got large boobs (FF cup) so shirts NEVER fit me properly (i've had to buy size 22 shirts before just to accomodate the boobs!), but for graduation you have to wear something with buttons to attach the gown to.

I know bravissimo do shirts, but i've got quite a long body and always find their clothes are too short. Also, we've been warned that the weight of the gown when attached to the shirt can pull up your top, and i don' want my belly to be on show particularly.

I also need to look HOT because i'm going to see a guy that i had a brief (only a week) but very intense secret fling with at the end of the year - who i rrrrreally like (and who, apparently, likes me back) but can't have a relationship with post-uni because of distance. I want him to feel gutted bout this! Hehe.

And yes, i know most ppl look stupid at graduation. But this could be (and probably will be) the last time i ever see this boy and i want him to remember me looking hot, not silly!

I'm going shopping at the weekend, so can buy from any of the usual high street places.

So.. any ideas TSR fashion gurus... i need your help!

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