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I am taking my GCSE R.S (OCR) in a few months time. I am very comfortable in three mark and 15 mark questions but I often on score 3/6 or 4/6 in the 6 mark questions. What sort of content (should it contain different opinions, quotes etc.) should I include and how much? Thanks
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If I'm right, the 6 markers are "explain" questions right? Sorry, I don't quite remember as I didn't take RS at A level bu t I got an A* at GCSE For 6-mark questions, which just involve a detailed explanation of one viewpoint from the religion on the issue they give you, you don't need a conclusion or different opinions (unless they ask). For example, in the May 2018 OCR RS Christianity paper it asked "Explain how a pilgrimage to Jerusalem might benefit a Christian spiritually." They only ask for its benefit to a Christian so only give it from a Christian's perspective. 6-mark questions are not essays and you won't get any marks for weighing up opposing viewpoints in them. Remember to read the question. Here you're explaining how it's of benefit- don't waste your time spending ages writing about what you can do in Jerusalem on pilgrimage. Write what's relevant. You should use quotes if possible because it will show off your knowledge to the examiner. You could use PEE- Point, Evidence, Explanation, but you don't really need to stick to a rigid structure.

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