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Study the information below. It describes one way of managing flooding in Conwy Valley.

Environment Agency Wales 2009:
‘working with nature we have created a scheme to provide better protection from flooding. We did this by lowering part of the flood bank which acted as a bottleneck, which caused houses in Llanrwst to be flooded. This makes more space for the water by storing it on natural floodplain of the valley floor. People in Trefiw are protected from this water by a new flood bank.’

DME Task
To what extent do you think that this was the best way to alleviate flooding in the Conwy Valley?

(a) Construct an argument that supports this decision.
You should consider the positive aspects of the scheme including benefits to the people, economy and environment.
•include pictures, maps and personal viewpoints.
•Explain why something needed to be done, talk about the floods in 2004 and 2005.

(b) Construct a counter-argument
(i) you should consider any negative aspects of the scheme such as cost, or negative impacts further downstream. Why might not everyone support the idea?

(ii) You could suggest an alternative scheme. If so, you must explain carefully why you think your flood alleviation is better.
•Look at embankments, straightening the river, adding trees and vegetation etc.
•Look at the positives and negatives of each.
•You could rank them if you wanted.

Can someone help me out please? I’m having trouble thinking of positives and negatives for the scheme.

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