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So i am 24 years old without a days work for any company.

I messed up in school so bad i even missed the whole of year 9 and therefore my gcses were poor AF

After that i did a leaflet distribution job i learned the hard way that my life is ****ED. The job was on a self employed basis and my colleagues were all polish people and a few bulgarians who had recently arrived in the uk. And even for them the job was hard they have a much stronger work ethicthan ethnic english people and work for much less money than here. But even they left the job as soon as they found something better.

However after that some luck shone into my life and i had a nice job as a delivery and collection driver for mercedes benz. The pay was ****e but the job for a 19 year old was FUN i drove all the latest mercedes cars.

Then after that i got a job outside of london in northamton BCA (BRITISH CAR AUCTION)
also with cars.

But all dead end jobs that later made me isolated and trapped i was working 12 hours a day for £96 pounds the job was easy but it leads nowhere. And 12 hours
A day 67 hours a week for just under £500 was not satisfying me.

Now my question is
Can i save myself
I have a ambission to work as a estate agent or a car sales executive. I have recently applied for a aprenticeship with jaguar/land rover. I do not know if they will even consider me because i have no gcses and i am 24.

IS IT POSSIBLE for me to complete gcses maths and english at funcional skills. I never did good in school but if i was offered a opportunity at land rover i would dedicate every moment to get a level 2 amd if i did would that be enough

When i say i want to work as a sales exec or estate agent am i shooting too high are those job roles impossible because i don't have gcses ?

Also IF i put in 10 hours a day every single day to get a
Gcse and a level maths and english could i maybe even go to uni if i study every day. Because my maths is next to illiterate and it lowers my confidence because i believe mathematical capability defines intelligence and mine is terrible
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Of course it is possible! If you have the right mindset and especially determination with a ending goal in mind I think it can be done.

Just remember it's the quality of studying over quantity. If you were planning on doing this, I'd recommend that you organise your time and see when it'd be ideal for studying each GCSE.

Also look into which exam boards you'll be doing for each GCSE.

Math resources:
-Maths Genie (used its exam papers and improved my horrible grade)
-Exam Solutions
-Hegarty Maths (I haven't used this myself but others recommend it)
I'll find more resources! There's a GCSE maths resources thread made on TSR that could be useful.

For English I'm not too sure but I'll ask my friend for advice. I'd 100% recommend Mr Salles and maybe Mr Bruff.

Hopefully this has helped and I wish you the very best!
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Don't give up!
It's very much possible to get maths and English through Functional Skills qualifications.
Most employers accept them as an alternative to GCSE so it's a good option for you if you struggled at school. They're designed for people who didn't do well at GCSE.
You can do them online if you want as well (you'd need to take the final exams at an exam centre).
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Yep you could...

But remember, GCSEs and A-levels take a considerable amount of demand, time sweat and effort. It will take at least 3 years if you're planning to do a couple of GCSE subjects (Maths, English, Sciences etc) and 3 A level subjects. Perhaps more if your planning to get straight A/A*s...

For now, get another small job or (if your living with your parents), stay in and study. There's a ton of sites and past exam paper's online, and for revision, I think it'd be good buying revision guides (CGP are great for GCSE). Also, don't slack now, keep the motivation.

Good luck

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