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For as long as I can remember I have never been able to trust anyone.

As a child I was physically and sexually abused, my family was a mess and trust was never something that I could familiarise myself with to adopt as a trait of my own.

I left home in the hope that I could leave my previous life behind and start something new.

I've tried my hardest to overcome my past but the most difficult obstacle has been allowing myself to fully trust.

It's not only me that is being affected by this but also my boyfriend. He is everything a girl could possibly want: smart, funny, caring, good-looking...etc. We have been seeing each other now for just over 6mths and despite how much I love him and him me, despite everything that he does for me (which in the last couple of months has been tremendous) I'm still incapable of trusting him completely.

I can't continue making him feel like I don't trust him and can't allow myself to go through the entirety of my own life letting my past affect me to this degree.

So if you read this and have any advice to give me that can possibly help it would be more than appreciated. But please refrain from just saying whimsical things like: 'Move on' and 'Let go' as this is quite a serious issue and deserves some serious comments.

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hmm i have someething similar but mines is more emotional than physical . my father and i were really close when i was small but he was very violent and had to leave or else face charges in court. so he left and i never saw him again. so i have become emotionally distant, i dont really hug people much, and i tell all my bfs i wont have sex before marriage for religious reasons. this is partly true, but i definately think that it is security issues, like if i loved someone that much i couldnt bear if they left me after like my father did, so if they marry me i can hang onto them

i have no idea what the answer is. perhaps counselling and just take time with your bf and maybe in a year or longer you will develop that trust.

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