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As a lot of these threads start:
Well, theres this girl...
anyway, we are really good friends, but i do want something more. She is very quiet about her feelings and doesnt really talk about them much, but she has told me that she loves me.. She also said that she likes me more than as a friend.
She is 'seeing someone' but is really not happy and has said so.. this is a major thing i dont understand..
She is really nor happy with him, says he is horrible to her and turns everything into an argument. Also he ended it with her today, but she wants him back becasue she says that the only reason they broke up is cos he didnt trust her and she doesnt want that to be the reason.
All i want is to be with her, and for her to be happy, if thats not with me then fine but i want her to try and she knows it wont spoil our friendship as she has said so.. dont really know the point of this but its just a rant.. sorry..
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Heyy it sounds as though you really like this girl but she is kind of messing you around. She is saying one thing to you but still running back to her old boyfriend. I think that the best thing to do is confront her with your feelings if she is still sketchy then hard as it may be you may need to move on because she won't leave the other guy.
That's just my opinion anyway.... kinda lyk an

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