Edexcel Warfare through time.

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Is anyone here who does/has done Warfare through time? (It seems like a really unpopular option) If you do a different "through time" course could you suggest how you would've done the bit relevant to your course as you still do case studies, (and I heard medicine do trenches and crime do Whitechapel: we do the blitz for that bit) and of course you still have loads of specific evidence.

These are my questions about the my (warfare) through time course:

*1* How much do you need to know for the case studies? e.g. Falkirk (1298) do you need to know all that stuff on the Scottish Uprising, Early Problems and Edward marching north.
If you could, could you also tell me how to revise the case studies?

*2* How much specific knowledge do you need to know? There's like one bit every other paragraph and I doubt it'll all fit in my head

*3* How do you revise the Blitz section of the warfare course? Do you make flashcards?

Thank you for your help. I'm going to start revising warfare now a bit as it's the hardest and longest topic in my opinion.

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