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Hello so I reapplied to enter the fast stream for the second time now and I failed again so I am really sad, I did not progress beyond the work style Questionnaires however strangely the feedback for both questionnaires was positive

"Your responses to the questionnaire indicate that your work style preferences are
mostly aligned with the workplace demands of the Fast Stream. For the most part,
how you like to work and what the Fast Stream can provide closely match"

and the feedback for the second was

Your responses to the questionnaires indicate a preference for learning and making
the best use of learning experiences that is in line with most applicants to the Fast
Stream. This focus on learning effectively is an important part of making the most of
the development experiences Fast Stream can offer you. Although some learning
experiences may present bigger challenges to you than others, a strong drive to
development will help you get the most of your learning skills.

I revised hard in the sense that i really went over the success profiles to see what they wanted, so i dont know how i could improve those who were successful what did you guys do differently

I applied to join the diplomatic service

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