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Hi all

Apologies in advance if this is the incorrect forum, but I would greatly appreciate any advice if any of you have done this assignment or something similar.

A little about myself, i'm in my first year of BA(HONS) COUNSELLING AND THERAPEUTIC PRACTICE. My first assignment is a written practical - Plan an essay and write a report commenting on the planning process. To demonstrate foundational academic skills in relation to planning, conducting literature reviews, writing up and presenting.The title is “The process of planning an academic essay”.

Here is the description our class have been given:

Key objectives being assessed:

This assessment is in two parts:

• Part 1 – Write an essay plan for the following essay title:

‘The common factors which make the therapeutic relationship effective’

• Part 2 – Write a commentary on the planning process used to write the plan.

N.B. You will not be required to write the essay.. You are required only to plan as if you were going to write it, and then provide a commentary on the planning process.
• Both parts of this assessment (the essay plan and your written commentary), should be set out in a single Word document – both parts clearly titled as follows:
Part 1: Essay Plan
Part 2: Commentary on the Planning Process

I'm a mature student, and this is the first time i've ever had to do anything like this. Almost all of my class are in the same position as myself. None of us are clear of what to do. We've asked the course tutor if a brief example could be shown, but they refused on numerous occasions. We even had an appointment with a tutor/examiner in Student Support who told us he was very surprised that no example was given and that we were given this assignment so early into our course. But he wasn't too sure what do to either.

If any advice could be given on how to approach this, I'd appreciate it so much.

Thanks for your time.
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