Do you earn more by going to uni or without going to uni? Watch

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just wondered if the best careers for a decent job is without going to uni or going to uni and what is the rate of pay if been to uni or without going to uni and if can afford a mortgage in either way?
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(Original post by glamourprincess)
just wondered if the best careers for a decent job is without going to uni or going to uni and what is the rate of pay if been to uni or without going to uni and if can afford a mortgage in either way?
Let's get things straight, earning money is down to a person's ability to excel in whatever career they choose.

If it's within a corporation, earning is related to promotion and remuneration available within that role.

If it's self employed, earning is related to business acumen and exploiting opportunity together with sheer hard graft.

A degree is no guarantee of high reward. Conversely, not having a degree is not a limitation to high rewards.

In both cases the limitation is the person's ability to exploit opportunities and beat the competition.
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good question - answer is very nuanced

short reply is the usual STEM (science technology engineering math) degree ought to get you ahead,
and a "media/ABBA/history/archeology" would suit you for a job in McDo's

but - if you genuinely have a passion for a subject, and you are 'lucky' or work hard - you can find a way through anywhere.

I have met people who graduated normal school, now 'work' in a supermarket , when the supermarket calls them up, and they are paid - not in cash - but in vouchers - which can be spent in that supermarket.
Also met a youth who is a baggage handler at a local airport, again subject to call-up, and he at least in paid in real cash ~£1500, but he has to pay airport parking fees! Both the above kids still live at home, mortgage soon? = unlikely.

I think if you can see, can plan a path, to a decent career without uni - then you might gain over a student doing an average degree in an average way
especially if the UK University 'student loan'/annual fees remain in the £10K p.a. range.

Lets look around the EU/EFTA/EEA a bit - for a couple of extra data points....
Switzerland & German do streaming for ability/streaming for interests at high school - having different types of high school e.g. Gymnasium (highest), then Technical High Schools , then a Vocational (trade or apprentice) school for example. this is prob why CH has low unemployment, without fudging the figures.
Italy has around SIX different types of High School (as did CH a few years ago)
Arts school ( liceo artistico or istituto d’arte) – four-year foundation to enrol at arts academies, study art or architecture at university, teach art subjects at school;
Classics school ( liceo classico) – Latin, Greek and Italian literature with also Philosophy and history of art later.
Language school ( liceo linguistico) – Students study three foreign languages.
Science school ( liceo scientifico) – traditionally for students planning to study science and medicine at university
Teacher training school ( scuola magistrale or istituto magistrale) – provides a four-year training course for primary school teachers
Technical school ( istituto tecnico) prepares students to work in a technical or administrative capacity

UK doesn't have this formal a streaming service, perhaps some informal alternatives to university are available, but as well as being one of the most expensive countries for higher education in the EU, we are also one of the least well structured as for alternatives to university.

final point, I am of the opinion that UK deliberately underpays its graduates, always has done. I regularly doubled or tripled my salary by working abroad, (I left several times)

not sure if that helps :-)
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