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Lothar Warlock
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What are your thoughts towards these degrees?

Is it true that the BBA, at LUMS, is a very prestigious degree? In that IB's target graduates from this course?

I'm also thinking of applying to the BBA for N.America. Would that further increase my graduate prospects, having studied a year in N.America?

Thanks in advance.
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Why don't you ask the Lancaster University Career Serivce? Luise Briggs in particular.

Be aware that the BBA is a 4 years programme. I did BSc Business Studies and had worked my *** of during all three summer vacations (internships in the industry, consulting etc). I don't see the point in doing one big placement. What if it's really aweful and you need to stay there for another, say, 11 months? (Coz, some of my internships were a nightmare and the only motivation was my countdown

As to whether IB recruit, hmm, on recruiting events, I have not seen any IB here. But a lot of more accounting specific firms (LUMS is rather big in accounting) such as KPMG, PWC etc.

Hope that will help.


Edit: I remember that JP Morgan /Chase was here. They had an alumna from Lancaster and she was a BSc Business Studies.

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