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My subject topic (Computer Architecture) is quite factual (with little opinions, ideas). So would I need to cite the definitions of specific components or architectures.

My format is an Informative/Educational training package PowerPoint Presentation for non-technical personnel - so I doubt it's supposed to be thought provoking or argument based. I wouldn't think that definitions need to be cited/referenced, but do they?

I assumed that I would only cite when writing someones ideas or opinions or use their sentence structure typically in a thought provoking / argument based report or essay.

My question is, do I need to cite when my submission format is a PowerPoint (not needed to be presented)?

Also if I do need to cite, as most of the work is definitions, do I cite all of the definitions and descriptions.

After hearing about "common knowledge" these questions have come to mind. The class had a 10-15 minute walk through with the lecturer about Harvard Referencing but only its structure and not a situational guide in relation to an assignment (as this is my first one) and the assignment is due the day I go back after the holidays.

[Note: I would know how to do this in relation to an argument (thesis) based essay or report but this situation is kind of confusing]

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

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