Moles on labia - GP says it’s fine? Watch

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I suppose this post is more about how to see a specialist when my GP(s) won’t refer me?
I’m 19 and noticed 2 moles on my labia about 1 month ago. They are very close together and seemed to appear very suddenly. Aside from that, they are not large, not raised, not irregular etc.
However, I’m still a little alarmed that they appeared there so suddenly.
I visited my GP (two different doctors) about this the last month and both took one look and said that it was “probably fine.”
Is there any way that I can see a specialist without a referral? I am sure it’s nothing, but I want to put my mind at ease. But who would I even see and is it possible to see someone without a referral?
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Sorry your going through that. You did the right thing by seeing a doctor but:

Your doctors are well trained professionals and know what they are looking for, if either of them suspected melanoma or had any concerns they'd simply have referred you. There were no concerns - a specialist is going to say exactly the same thing.

This said I'm sure BUPA will take your money.

Moles are normal, common and can appear suddenly (particularly when younger). Keep an eye on them for any changes and do pop back to the doctor if required.
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You could always go to a sexual health clinic - GPs see plenty of genitals but they see even more. An alternative I to see a private GP, but you would have to pay a few hundred pounds to be seen, and quite often they ask for a referral from your GP from what I've heard.

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