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I'm sat here after completing my first half term of A-levels - just another 9 1/2 to go until a-level exams (Oh sh*t that sounds wayyyy to close).

For me the first half term couldn't have gone much better, I took the risk of leaving my high school a moving to a college which was twice the size, leaving most of my friends behind as most of them stayed at my old school. But I have managed to settle in very well, I've made friends both in my classes and outside my classes. At the moment, for me, I haven't felt the jump from GCSE to A-level yet that everyone else is complaining about, but I know deep down that it is going too hit me next half-term. The teachers all seem really friendly and helpful, with designated subject help rooms open during the school days when I get stuck on something. So I am glad to say I think the risk of moving has paid off!

Anyway, you probably want to know a brief bit about what I am actually studying. In my GCSEs I got grades that i was truly over the moon with, getting: two 9s, five 8s, three 6s and an A*. At A-level I am studying four subjects (ahhh I know I am going to hate myself next year), which are: Maths, Physics, Geography and Further Maths (might just get an As in it). After A-levels I would like to go to uni to study engineering (probably civil or mechanical), but my mind could change over the next year or so.

At the moment I am currently writing this instead of doing my half-term homework, which I should probably start as I am visiting Nottingham Uni tomorrow, going up to the Yorkshire dales Friday/Saturday and then its my dads birthday on Sunday (and I thought I would have a nice relaxing half term holiday):facepalm:

If you have read this far, wow! Thank you! You must be procrastinating!
Oh and I thought at the end of each post I would leave a study tip, so here's today's:
Study tip #1: I've always found that have to be 'in the mood' to do a certain subject, so instead of writing myself a timetable I write myself a 'to do' list, so when I go to do some work I see what off that list I feel like doing. I personally find this increases productivity, meaning you have more time to chill later.
I will post a picture of mine when I decide to get out of bed and shake a leg

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