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Okay so I’ve got my mocks at the end of November and I’m really stressing out for Spanish (edexcel) as u haven’t started revising and I’m not sure on how to? Has anyone got any tips on how to revise? Thanks in advance 😃
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Hi, I'm an A level French student, and this is how I revised for GCSE French:
1. Revision workbooks were a lifesaver. I did and marked an English-to-French translation every morning, and learnt the vocab I missed and went over any grammar that confused me.
2. Listen to music. It'll help you to get used to listening to Spanish. Even better, use lyricstraining to further immerse yourself!
3. Again, use practice listening exercises to find your weaknesses.
4. Learn grammar using quizlet or memrise.
5. Whenever you're doing household jobs, try to talk to yourself in Spanish, or else write a diary in the language. You'll find out what you can and can't say and practise grammar! Even if it's just saying 'I am walking' or 'I eat chicken' and things like that, it's still helping you to become more confident speaking in the language. Even better, try to simulate the exam by describing images and situations to yourself and giving your opinion on them.

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