how to deal with relationships in the navy?

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My boyfriend left to start his 10 weeks basic training for the navy down in Plymouth very recently and I'm just wondering if anyone has been or is in the same boat as me, it seems like such a long time until I'm able to see him, I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to cope (cried all day after him leaving)- up until him leaving we saw each other almost every day, it's going to feel so strange not being able to see him now
its selfish of me but a small part of me hopes he does a few years and then finishes in the navy, I just think it could take a toll on our relationship even though we love each other very much.
anyone got any advice on how to think about it in a more positive way or if anyone is in the same boat as me?
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If this ten weeks is too difficult then have a good think about if this relationship is right for you.

I'm a submariners daughter, have dated men in the navy, and have lived on naval estates the majority of my life. Many navy GFs/wives just can't handle it. Their mental health suffers. The relationship falls apart. I have lost track of the amount of couples I've known who have split because the woman has decided she can't handle the loneliness anymore and leaves with the children to be closer to their own parents. Many also live apart from their partners for this reason - even after marriage and children. I personally know at least three men who drive to another country every weekend to see their family. When you're in a naval family you dont get to pick and choose where you live. Your partner will be away months at a time. It's a whole lifestyle.

in saying that though, my parents have been married almost 28 years. My mother isn't the type of person to pine over my dad while he's gone. She just gets on with life and figures he'll home when he gets home. She credits the forced breaks for the fact they've not driven each other mad and divorced.
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I’m lucky that I only have to wait 8 weeks to see him because he gets 2 weeks off for Christmas and then goes back for 2 weeks to finish his training, it’s still hard though. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly for you ☺️

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