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I was a Chelsea fan growing up, but around 2012/13 I stopped watching football. Leicester in 2016 peaked my interest in football again and made me feel a vacancy I wanted filled. the vacancy being that there are global football giants in the North and South of England, but none in the Midlands, I really wanted to get into football again and having been apathetic to football for a few years, I wanted a fresh start as a football fan but would only watch big games and just follow football in conversations, now both AV and Wolves are in the Premier League. As a Midlander, having Leicester felt amazing, as a West Midlander having Wolves felt amazing and finally as a Brum having AV felt amazing and now I've fully started watching football again. Problem now is I don't know who to support anymore.

AV is my local team, but as a Brummie I can tell you the area of Aston is a sad state and don't see myself going to their matches, but they're still my local club making me as a Brummie feel proud. Wolves from all 3 clubs I see myself going most frequently, only 30-40 mins drive and area around the Molineux is decent. Leicester is the main club that I enjoy, however I see myself going rarely only as it is a 2 hr drive. so it boils down to this:

Aston Villa: My local club (more about pride)
Wolves: Club that I'd go most matches to
Leicester: The club that I really like, but just too far.

so who should I support?
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You ultimately want to enjoy yourself at games, don't feel forced to go for the sake of supporting the local club if in your heart you would rather be elsewhere. Wolves are a decent side. If you're just getting back into football proper then I'd say throw your hat in with Wolves because Villa could go down if others improve after christmas and it will depress you lol. Couldn't be arsed driving 2 hours for home games honestly so Leicester would be out for me.

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